Full Moon Ritual & Labyrinth Walk


Full Moon Ritual & Labyrinth Walk

My Full Moon Ritual & Self-Care

I love celebrating the new moons and full moons! There was a time when my roommates and I would howl at the full moon and do a round of applause. It was a wonderful group ritual, so fun and energizing… our neighbors got used to it (lol). Recently, I’ve started walking a labyrinth during the new moon and full moon. It’s been a great way to reflect and start anew regularly. It’s been great for personal growth, and peace of mind and body.

Turns out this idea of reflecting and starting fresh has been proven to be beneficial, and is sadly underutilized! I learned about this “fresh start” concept from the research of Katie Milkman. When you think about a “fresh start” most people think of New Year’s Resolutions or anniversaries or birthdays. These naturally start a fresh new year, a new perspective, new habits, new you. Starting fresh can be difficult, but aids in lasting behavior change. When we can start fresh as often as possible we have the most overall success at changing behavior, perspectives and habits. By having the new moon and full moon as a ritual to start fresh has positively affected my life.

September Full Moon Ritual

For September’s Full Moon I took myself out on a “Full Moon Goddess Date”. I went to a local labyrinth as the full moon was rising. The labyrinth exists inside a natural desert park. The path outline is created with stones and rocks in the desert dirt. Not too far away coyotes were howling, completing the authentic feel of this full moon labyrinth ritual. I did a relaxing breathing exercise. I felt centered and my mind quiet. I set my intentions and stepped into the labyrinth. I walked the path to the center of the labyrinth slowly and mindfully. Step by step, breath by breath. I soaked up the moonlight. As I reached the center, I symbolically left behind the old to reenter the world fresh and anew, ready for all the possibilities. I’m a Goddess, I got this. This ritual in the serene moonlit desert felt so energizing and calming at the same time. I felt grounded and empowered.

I continued my Full Moon Goddess Date with myself by going to the Metal Arts Village for their Full Moon Open Studio event.  The art there was captivating and the live music was soulful. Onstage was a drummer, and the singer was playing the guitar. I sat and listened for a bit and then walked back to my car. I finished the night with a margarita, I stopped by where my brother is the bartender. It was great to see him and the mango tajin margarita was delicious. The full moon ritual and the entire evening was exactly what my body, mind, and spirit needed.

New Moon Ritual & Self Care

New Moon, who dis? Do you feel that new moon energy?  I walked the labyrinth in the daylight starting fresh along with the new moon. It was nice to enjoy the breeze and the sunlight, the chatter of birds and the rustling of rabbits in the bushes. Mindfully and intentionally walking toward the center I was washed over with feelings of peace and true relaxation.  Following the path back out of the labyrinth it felt like taking the first steps of the rest of my life. A fresh start, a clean slate with infinite potential.

October Full Moon Ritual

For the full moon in October I wanted to share this labyrinth experience with two amazing people; My friend of almost 20 years, Sarah, and my partner in life, Josh. It was so perfect. Sarah and I dressed up as Moon Goddesses with white dresses and gold leaves in our hair. It felt good to get dressed up for the occasion. It’s good to feel beautiful sometimes. My partner was our very own personal photographer for our full moon experience.When we arrived at the desert labyrinth path, we did a candle lighting ceremony. Together we set our individual intentions and walked the labyrinth path. It felt so powerful yet gentle in the stillness of the desert under the full moon.

To complete the night, we got our wings so we can fly! Our “wings” were a beautiful mural of a large wingspan at Hotel McCoy. This experience was so exhilarating it really felt like flying! And I love that the photos turned out so well! Especially considering this was a night time photo shoot!

I am so grateful that I was able to do this with my best friend while she was in town. I love that I have these memories and photos to cherish after she goes back home (across the country). I feel so blessed to have this friendship and be able to have this experience. I love that I can enjoy this local labyrinth any day of the month, but especially on full moons and on new moons. It is a result of doing these rituals I am so filled with gratitude! I am gushing with gratitude, love, and joy. I’m so excited for my new projects in collaboration with Locals Only Tucson, offering a version of this Guided Labyrinth Experience to locals and visitors in Tucson, Az. Check dates for upcoming full moon and new moon tours. If this is something you might be interested in you can purchase tickets through their Eventbrite, here.

It feels so good to create, connect, reflect, and grow. And yes, sometimes there are growing pains, but we don’t need to suffer. We can let go and grow! My mantra to help me is: I am a Sparkling Goddess; I got this. 😊 We are all sparkling and have more power than we know. YOU are a sparkling goddess or god and YOU got this! ✨💕✨


And shout out to the MVP Goddess, our last minute photographer @fadpanta ❤

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