Stream Schedule

SparklewithSara DLive Stream Schedule

Follow on DLive for upcoming live streams! You can view the live video stream on the dlive platform.  Be sure to create your DLive account so that you can follow, get notifications, and we can chat during my live streams!

You can search for me on DLive, my user name is sparklewithsara. Or you can go directly to my DLive Page here

Upcoming Live Streams

Currently streaming on Mondays and Tuesdays! Start your week off right with Maker Monday and Travel Tuesdays!!

Maker Monday

Monday nights I’ll get creative and make something fun or useful while have fun hanging out on Dlive! I love doing DIY Upcycle Projects that re-purpose existing materials! Most of the time I’ll be doing some sort of upcycled project. But sometimes I make dinner or I make art! We always have fun!!

Travel Tuesday

I travel the around the world via Google Maps Satellite. I take you on my expeditions while I explore all over earth and beyond! We have journeyed to many places including but not limited to tropical beaches, remote islands, pyramids around the globe, Antarctica science outposts, ancient and historical structures, and we have even been off planet to explore our moon, and the moons of Saturn, on Maps and on Nasa’s website too! Technology let’s me explore the world and beyond, what a time to be alive!


I stream regularly but have been terrible about updating this web page!!! Please follow me on DLIVE to get alerts and be notified when I am streaming! Topics and times are tentative and may change. 

Archived SparkleWithSara Stream Events:

Below are past streams (only a few were actually documented here – many more happened over on DLive):

Halloweek 2019! Starting October 27th

Halloweek 2019 with fadpanta will be on Sunday Oct 27th , Wednesday Oct 30th, and Thursday (HALLOWEEN!!!) October 31st. Times will vary throughout the days. Halloween decorations, crafts, cooking, games, and so much more!

Haven’t been doing a great job of updating this page. If you have notifications on then  you caught the ones listed here plus much more… Follow on DLive App to get notified when I go live.

Save the date: October 9th 2019 | TIME TBA | BIZ TECH WEBINAR: Why a website? Why blog? 

The FIRST EVER webinar on Dlive! This webinar is for anyone wanting to know more about websites or why a website would help, whether it’s for a business, nonprofit, artist, musician, writer, artisan, you name it! Be there live to get your questions answered during the live Q & A. The recording of this webinar will be edited with additional info added and will be available on Locals Only Tech!

Sunday September 29th 2019 | TIME TBA | Tucson Sunset Guided Hike 

Join me IRL for an urban hike in the middle of Tucson, with some nature and solitude. Yes, you can find peace and enjoy the sunset in the middle of town.

Saturday September 21st 2019 | Time TBA | Live stream from Austin!!!

Visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Austin, Texas! Woohoo!

Sunday 9/15/2019 | 1:30pm – 4pm PST | Puzzles & Podcasts 

Hang out with me in my office while I put together a 500 piece Thomas Kinkade jigsaw puzzle (“Moonlight Cottage”), while we talk and maybe listen to a thought provoking podcast! This is what I do for fun on Sundays… 😉

Sunday 9/8/2019 | 3pm – 7pm PST | Cooking & Gardening Sunday Funday!

Today, I will be using my phone to stream so I will  be doing 1 – 1.5 hour sessions because my phone overheats! Stop by and say hi! I’m cooking spaghetti sauce in the Sparkle Kitchen!! And I need to re-pot some plants today!

Monday 8/26/2019 | 7pm – ? PST | Painting!!!!!  Blank Canvas….

Endless potential! Hang out with me!

Sunday 8/25/2019 | 2:00pm – 7:00pm PST | Date night! Cooking

Saturday 8/24/2019 | 1:00pm – 5:00pm PST | Hanging Art in my Office

Play games? Explore the world on Google Maps??