What is a Labyrinth?


What is a Labyrinth?

Walking a labyrinth is quickly becoming popular….again. Labyrinths have been created and used globally for centuries. Labyrinths are found in many cultures and religions; used for meditation and prayer. Today, you can find labyrinths at parks, schools, spas, hospitals, and communities. Even Princeton Center for Yoga and Health unveiled their very own labyrinth walking path.

What is a Labyrinth?

First, let me tell you what a labyrinth isn’t; a labyrinth is not a puzzle or a maze. There is no guessing or choosing, there is only one clear path to follow. The path takes you to the center of the labyrinth. To exit, it is the same path. This labyrinth path can be created as simply as with an outline in the ground, or built up with rocks, or it can truly be a labyrinth with large hedges of plants or mounds/walls, etc.

What do you do at a Labyrinth?

All you must do is follow the clear path to walk to the center and then go back out the way you came in. For the full benefit, enter the labyrinth with a set intention or with a meditative / present mindset, you may sit or stand in meditation once in the center, if you wish. As you exit the labyrinth and reenter the world you can feel the difference in your body, mind, and spirit. Building a labyrinth in a park is a great way to create a sacred space for all people to use for their own purposes. Your labyrinth walk can be made special for you by filling it with your own meaning and intentions. Walking the labyrinth can be done at any time, but can hold additional meaning when done on significant days. For example, I enjoy walking the labyrinth during the full moon and new moon. Using a labyrinth and special dates to “start fresh” has been shown to inspire positive behavior change by Katie Milkman.

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