Healing Spirit Soaks


Healing Spirit Soaks

As I entered the Healing Spirit Soaks studio at Swan on Speedway in Tucson, Arizona, I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle smell of cedar. Local owner and operator, Jasmine May NMD welcomed me and graciously gave me a personal tour of the space. Healing Spirits Soaks has two bathtubs, which consists of a copper claw foot tub and a modern porcelain tub, for the optional cold plunge and the Naturopathic herbal hot soak offering. In addition to the bathtubs, they also have 2 cedar hot tubs. A large round cedar hot tub, kept at a consistent 105°F and a bathtub shaped one kept at 104.5°F. Healing Spirit Soaks also offers experiences with the infrared sauna, reflexology, massage therapy, and more.

Dr. Jaz started my experience with a Eucalyptus Spearmint CBD salt rub. I love the smell of eucalyptus and mint. A deep breath in focused my mind and invigorated my senses. I was blessed with the full suite to myself so after a few instructions from Dr. Jaz, I enjoyed the space alone. It was an amazing experience to soak in the tubs, sit in the infrared sauna and rest on the bio-mat in solitary peace and quiet.

I did the recommended hot soak for three to five minutes and then a cold plunge for 30 seconds to two minutes. Dr. Jaz recommends three or more cycles of the hot soak / cold plunge to reap the benefits of contrast hydrotherapy. After I rinsed the scrub away, I made my way to the round cedar tub. I stepped into the hot soak and relaxed taking a few deep breaths, relaxing my muscles more with each breath. The cedar smell was stronger inside the tub. The smell transported me to a forest, to a quiet peaceful place. I let my body relax even further as I floated on my back. Next up, the cold plunge. The sensation of the contrasting cold water against my warm skin was actually quite enjoyable. The initial shock of the cold water was followed by a sensory awareness that encompassed all thought; a true mental and physical break. As I repeated the relaxing soak and the invigorating cold plunge, I could feel the circulation increasing in my body, creating waves of tingling sensation throughout my body.

Included in the Contrast Hydrotherapy is the opportunity to utilize the BioMat, which has technology to block EMF’s while infrared pulses through amethyst crystals. The infrared frequency increases cell metabolism promoting healing and repair.  Laying on the massage table with the biomat, I could feel the infrared pulses warming up my body, soothing my muscles, joints, and spine. I also had the opportunity to enjoy the infrared sauna. It was my first time experiencing an infrared sauna! It felt pleasantly hot without the suffocating feeling of a steam sauna. Plus, it has more benefits due to the infrared frequencies helping to improve detoxification, decrease inflammation and joint pain, boost the immune system, ease fatigue, and reduce stress.

This experience nurtured my body, mind, and spirit. I recommend anyone seeking relaxation, restoration, rejuvenation and healing to book your experience immediately. I’m hooked!

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