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Hey there! I’m so excited that you found the sparklewithsara website! This is where I share my sparkle! I share videos and blogs. I also stream live videos on Dlive. Here, on, I will have some exclusive members only content. It’s free to join the sparkle crew.

I want to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who buys me a taco or buys a shirt from the Sparkle Shop AND to everyone who follows my journey through Facebook, Instagram, or DLive. I cannot say, “THANK YOU”, enough!

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Sparkle Values

Sparkle with me!

SparklewithSara is my creative outlet! This is where I can blog about anything that makes life sparkle! I love to write! I write poetry. I write about my DIY projects and other creative projects. I write about the things I learn during my research tangents. Often, I include videos with my blogs.  I stream live videos on DLive too! I love to share my sparkle! Are you sparkling?

Shop my designs

Shop my designs

I have so many fun designs! Lots of positive message t-shirts. I love to wear these to express myself. You might like them too. Several designs are made with eco-friendly organic cotton and recycled polyester. Let’s express ourselves and care for the planet at the same time!



I’m feeling this cosmic energy. I have several t-shirt designs that are perfect for right now! Check them out and order yours today! Remember to use the promo code MOONVIBES at checkout for 20% OFF our Cosmic Vibes collection of t-shirts!

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