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Hey there! I’m so excited that you found the Sparkle with Sara website! This is my creative outlet! It’s where I can create and share the things that make my life sparkle! Are you sparkling?

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I stream live videos like Maker Monday and Travel Tuesday on DLive! Follow my Sparkle Blog and Sparkle Kitchen! I love to cook (and eat) good food! I enjoy writing but don’t do it as much as I would like to. Sometimes I write poetry but mostly I write about my DIY projects, cooking/recipes and other creative projects. I also love sharing the books I read and the things I learn during my research rabbit holes.

I love being able to share all this with my sparkle crew right here, on It’s free to join the sparkle crew and enjoy some exclusive members only content.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH” to everyone who visits the site, signs up, buys me a taco or supports the Sparkle Shop by making a purchase! Thanks to each and every person who follows my journey through Facebook, Instagram, or DLive. I cannot say “THANK YOU” enough!

Shop my designs

Shop my designs

Let’s express ourselves and care for the planet at the same time! I have so many fun designs! Lots of positive message t-shirts. I love to wear these to express myself. You might like them too. Several designs are made with eco-friendly organic cotton and recycled polyester.



I’m feeling this cosmic energy. I have several t-shirt designs that are perfect for right now! Check them out and order yours today!

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