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Office Organizers created during Maker Monday with SparklewithSara Blog

Repurpose with Upcycle Arts & Crafts

Upcycle; Create and Repurpose!

Reduce waste AND have fun creating something functional and aesthetically pleasing to use in your daily life!

Below are some examples of past projects that re-purposed packaging and other waste to create something new and useful!

Office Organizers made with food packaging

BEFORE: Cereal Boxes, Cracker /Cookie Box, Popcorn Box, and re purposed scrapbook paper.

AFTER: Cute Organizer for your home or office.

Maker Monday SparklewithSara Upcycle Project Create Office Organizers

Cultivate Gratitude and Save the Planet

BEFORE: Mixed Paper & Aluminum Cans (Pringles, Nuts, Coffee, Breadcrumbs, comes in this packaging)

AFTER: Jar of Good Fortune (Jar of Gratitude)

BEFORE: Tea Boxes, Keurig Boxes and Re-purposed Card Stock.

AFTER: Box of Good Fortune (Box of Gratitude)  This one pictured below is on of the original designs made with love for my brother and his girlfriend. It’s still holding up from a few years ago!! (don’t mind the dust😘 )

Halloween Decorations made from re-purposed materials like food jars

BEFORE: Glass Jars and re purposed paper product

AFTER: Halloween Decoration with light