Office Grind


Office Grind

Crack, hiss
Morning soda, who does this?
Pill bottle rattles
As if to tattle
Chairs squeak
As if to speak
Coffee pot spits
Caffeine to keep our wits
Computers on, screens glow
Why is everything so slow
Another cup of coffee
To shake sleep off me
You can hear the roar
Of everyone’s keyboard
Clack, clack, clack
Our fingers attack
Get into the grind
It’s a state of mind

Poem by sparklewithsara

Office Grind. I wrote this poem back when I worked in the program management department with several other people. The company had an open floor plan for everyone to see and communicate with each other easily. This also meant that you could hear everything.  We all accomplished a lot in this department so we were all grinding. Office grind, it’s a state of mind. 😉

Sparkle with Sara

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